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We provide industry-level training to prepare officers and engineers for the international maritime industry.


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We look forward to you joining us at ALAM. A new chapter in your life begins for DNS 29 & DME 43


Developing Global Seafarers With Character

Our ever-evolving facilities and expert educators develop graduates with the skills to excel as seafarers.


Real-World Industry Training and Experiences

Our students benefit from region's leading workshops, laboratories, simulation centres and training grounds.


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ALAM's graduates are fully equipped to excel in various roles in the global maritime industry.

Welcome to ALAM

ALAM is the leading maritime training academy in Malaysia. Founded in 1977, ALAM has trained more than thousands of maritime professionals for both onshore and offshore operations. The 67 acres academy and training centre is located on a campus in Melaka, overlooking the busy Straits of Malacca.

Our well-equipped learning facilities, hostels and communal dining hall are designed with the students in mind. With advanced classrooms, workshops and simulation centres, ALAM is committed to provide you with every opportunity to achieve your full potential – professionally, intellectually and socially.


Our Courses

Cadetship Diploma Programme

Learn more about our Diploma in Nautical Studies and Diploma Marine Engineering.

Ratings Programme

Certification to serve on seagoing ships with Deck Ratings and Engine Ratings courses.

Advanced Post Sea Courses

Advanced Nautical Studies and Marine Engineering courses to help further your career.

Short Courses

ALAM offers short courses to enhance and develop your skills in your Maritime journey.

ALAM is the region’s leading academy that offers Cadetship qualifications, Advanced Post Sea training and Modular courses for aspiring maritime professionals. We offer comprehensive curriculums to prepare our graduates as officers, engineers, researchers and consultants in the global maritime industry.


Our Achievements

icon courses
Maritime & Offshore Courses

Offers over 150 courses including customised courses

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4 Decades Experience

Trained over 13,500 Seafarers since 1977

icon top rank
Top-Ranked Education

Consistently rated highly by DNV as one of the world’s leading Maritime Education & Training Institution

icon six stars
Best in Asia

Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia 2017 Winner under Best Education & Training category


“ALAM is where people from different backgrounds and cultures all over the world live together in mutual respect to achieve the same goal at sea. It has taught me that the sea and ship don’t choose the weather or gender, men or women. What matters most is all of us carry out the operation onboard effectively, safely and successfully.”

Nur Hidayu Binti IshakSecond Officer of Eaglestar Marine Holdings & a member of ALAM's Alumni - Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS 10), 2010

“When I first came to ALAM, I had zero knowledge about the maritime career and industry. Everything was new and proved to be very challenging. However, I was very lucky to have met my amazing batch mates, they have contributed a large part of my success.”

Ku Chor Ding3rd Engineer of Posh Offshore Services & a member of ALAM's Alumni - Best Overall Cadet 2019 (DME 32)

“ALAM is not only just a learning ground to inculcate maritime related knowledge but also to instill an idea, discipline and habit required of a seafarer. We are taught to be respectful of ourselves and others, safety is always our priority and being independent are the basis of the education here.”

Liew Tat CheeChief Officer of Eaglestar Marine Holdings & a member of ALAM's Alumni - Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS 11), 2012

“Joining ALAM and this career has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The journey has not been easy but you reap the rewards at the end of the day. And it is abundance!”

Captain Muhammad Yussra bin HakimiMaster Mariner of Eaglestar Marine Holdings & a member of ALAM's Alumni - Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS 09), 2009

“ALAM is the most successful and reputable institution that offers maritime studies for citizens in Malaysia; and is now open to students around the world. The best part about ALAM is the balanced combination between the maritime studies & training and highly disciplined lifestyle, it offers an overall academics and personal growth. If you want to be a better version of yourself, ALAM is absolutely the place to further your studies.”

Captain Abdul Haizar bin Zainal AbidinMember of ALAM's Alumni & Parent of Ahmad Rafie (DNS 23) and Ahmad Irfan (DME 40)
Captain Abdul Haizar

“The time I spent at ALAM is the most important part of my career. The experience has given me the confidence to achieve something that I envisaged as impossible. The training at ALAM has made it possible for me to become the Master of the Seas.”

Motoma Louis Wolloh3rd Officer of Port of Authority Douala (PAD) & a member of ALAM's Alumni - Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS 19)

“ALAM is the place where I really discovered about self-discipline and teamwork. The training at ALAM makes me stronger mentally and physically. I believe that I am one step closer to success and I can’t wait to serve the world!”

Angelika Effa Anak JelonCadet Student - Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME 40)

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