Frequently Asked Questions

An Introduction to ALAM

What is ALAM?

ALAM is the abbreviation for Akademi Laut Malaysia or Malaysian Maritime Academy, a maritime institution that offers a complete spectrum of maritime courses. For school leavers, ALAM facilitates training as deck officers or marine engineers on board merchant ships.

Where is ALAM situated?

ALAM is situated at Kuala Sungai Baru, Melaka; a lush and verdant campus overlooking the Straits of Melaka. It is approximately 148km south of Kuala Lumpur and 152km north of Singapore.

Is ALAM similar to the Royal Navy?

No, ALAM trains our students to become seagoing professionals sailing on board merchant ships whereas the Royal Navy trains their candidates to work on board navy ships to serve and protect the country.

The Cadetship Programme

What are the Cadetship Programmes offered by ALAM for school leavers?

  • Diploma in Nautical Studies
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering

What is the duration of the Cadetship Programmes?

Three years and four months for both Diploma in Nautical Studies and Diploma in Marine Engineering.

When is the intake for the Cadetship Programme?

The intake for the Cadetship Programme will be sometime in July or August every year.

What is the medium for all studies at ALAM?

All studies will be conducted in English.

Must all students sail after finishing their studies at ALAM?

It will depend on who their sponsors are. However, the majority of the students will have to sail until they have fully served their contract with the sponsors. They may opt to work shore based thereafter.

Eligibility to join the Cadetship Programme

What are the entry requirements for the Cadetship Programme?

For Malaysian applicants:

  • Passed SPM with at least ‘C’ or strong credits in five subjects which include Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics, one Science subject and one other subject
  • Foundation in Science, meeting the above academic requirements
  • Diploma/ Degree holder, meeting the above academic requirements

For foreign applicants or holder of UK GCE O’ Level:

  • School exam certificate equivalent to UK GCE O’ Level with strong credits in English, Mathematics, Science and two other technical subjects

General Requirements:

  • Single, aged between 18 and 25 years of age
  • Must be physically and mentally fit as certified by medical practitioner approved by Malaysia Marine Department
  • Minimum height of 158cm and weight of 48kg for male applicants (BMI: 18.5 -24.9)
  • Minimum height of 155cm and weight of 42kg for female applicants (BMI: 18.5-24.9)
  • Not colour blind
  • Good eyesight (visual acuity of 6/6) for Navigating Officer Cadet/Diploma in Nautical Studies
  • Good eyesight (if with optical aid, power should not exceed 200) for Marine Engineer Officer Cadet/ Diploma in Marine Engineering

Can applicants with STPM, Diploma or Degree apply for the cadetship programme?

Yes, they are encouraged to apply as long as they meet all the entry requirements.

Can female students join ALAM?

Yes, ALAM has opened its doors to female students since 2006.

How is the interview process?

The interview process will include:

  • Colourblind test
  • Written test in English Language, Mathematics and Physics
  • Psychometric test
  • Structured Interview

Upon getting through the interview process and medical check-up, the candidates will have to undergo an Induction/ Orientation Programme at ALAM.

More about Sponsorship

What fields of study comes with sponsorship?

Presently, the sponsorship is open only for Diploma in Nautical Studies and Diploma in Marine Engineering programmes.

Is there a minimum grade that students need to maintain as a scholar?

Yes. For recipients under the sponsorship programme, they must ensure that they maintain their academic performance of GPA not lower than 2.5 for each semester.

What does the sponsorship cover?

The full sponsorship covers tuition fees, lodging, food and monthly living allowance. As for international students, the sponsorship will also include a flight ticket at the commencement and the end of the period of study, student visa, passport and insurance coverage.

How is the selection process for the sponsorship programme?

A rigorous and robust selection process will be undertaken to select candidates with academic excellence, strong leadership qualities and befitting the criteria of the sponsoring companies.

Applicants will be ranked based on an overall scoring after taking into consideration the academic achievement, household income and extra-curricular activities.  Shortlisted candidates will then be required to attend several assessments for evaluation and verification of their leadership qualities, personality and meeting the sponsors’ requirements.

Will the students be bonded and how long is the contract?

Upon successful completion of studies, sponsorship recipients under the diploma programme will be required to serve their service bond with the sponsoring companies for a period of 2 to 6 years.

Are all the students studying at ALAM fully sponsored?

Students who passed the structured interview process, medical check-up and the orientation programme will be fully sponsored by shipping companies, government agencies, port operators, oil and gas companies or offshore oil and gas marine support vessels operators.

However, students who do not get a sponsorship can opt to apply for PTPTN.

Can the students opt to self-sponsor?

Yes, students can opt to pay on their own.

Will there be sponsorship for students pursuing tertiary education at other higher learning institutions?

No, the sponsorship is only for students pursuing tertiary education at Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM) in Melaka.

When is the opening date for scholarship applications?

The sponsorship programme is open twice a year – August and December.

What are other financial aids that ALAM can assist?

Other financial aids that are available include student loans and fund assistance that are provided by various awarding bodies or organisations in Malaysia. ALAM will assist students by providing relevant documentation as required for PTPTN application, EPF withdrawal and bank financing.

What are the Facilities provided?

Do you have to live on campus?

All cadets for Diploma courses will have to live on campus, as this is a residential programme. However, officers taking upgrading courses and participants of short courses are allowed to stay-off campus.

What else is there in Campus?

Our Campus is set in a 74 acres surrounded by lush greenery in Melaka. The campus is equipped and designed especially for students to maintain a good work-life balance.

Our campus consists of:

  • fully equipped learning facilities
  • hostels
  • villas
  • communal dining hall
  • recreational and sports facilities
  • in-house swimming pool

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Does ALAM offer other courses?

Yes! We do offer other courses and training to equip you well in your maritime journey.

Here are the courses offered:

  • Advanced Post-sea
  • Ratings Programme
  • Short courses

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Must all students sail after finishing their studies at ALAM?

This will depend on the sponsors. However, the majority of the students will have to sail until they have fully served their contract with the sponsors. They may opt to work onshore thereafter.

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