About Campus Life

We are not just another maritime training facility but one that’s designed with a difference. We believe in building a shared community, forming lifelong networks with a continuous learning journey together with our lecturers. Imparting knowledge has never been this fulfilling, as we do not only push for educational excellence, but also develop the individual’s full potential. In this era where speed and agility rule, we continue to evolve our curriculum to match the rigor of the industry and shape the next generation of maritime leaders.

Campus with a Difference

  • Open Campus with a seaside experience
    Spanning over 67 acres and set amidst verdant plains overlooking the longest straits in the world, The Straits of Malacca, ALAM’s strategic location does not only bring you the wonders of nature but it creates the ultimate experience for students to immerse themselves the life at sea. From field sports such as football to canoeing and even dragon boating, life at ALAM is bound to be an enriching and memorable experience.
  • Hands-on Training
    Our drive to creating new value and developing the best industry-relevant curriculum has led us to become one of the most innovative maritime education and training institutions in the world. Our courses, developed by an experienced set of lecturers and approved by various accredited bodies allow students to explore and discover the knowledge they need towards perfecting their seafaring career. Complemented by our state-of-the-art facilities, we reinforce learning and better prepare our cadets and students for real-world challenges via practical and hands-on training either on our simulators or in our workshops with hands-on real-life experiences at sea.
  • Discipline as Character Building
    Stepping into ALAM, one can’t help but notice cadets decked in smart uniforms. As the campus is considered the students’ “workplace”, we ascribe to a unique approach to regimentation. We believe that through regimentation, character is shaped and teamwork is fostered, upholding discipline and time-honoured values that are vital for anyone to succeed in life at sea. On a side note, isn’t it nice that you don’t have to worry about what to wear to class everyday.
  • Friendship Forged for Life
    The bonds you forge at ALAM will last a lifetime. Being amongst those who share your passion for adventure, you will find friends that will be there for you through thick and thin. After all, graduates are never forgotten at ALAM. With our amazing Alumni network, you will be able to draw on the experience of Master Mariners and Master Engineers. Consider this your lifeline at work.
  • Unity in Diversity
    Global exposure all in one campus. At ALAM, diversity has always been our forte whether in course offerings or services. But it does not stop there, as ALAM is one great multicultural hub where you can learn and immerse yourself in the various cultures in the world. More importantly, you will become more socially and culturally anchored.
  • Our Connections lead to Great Futures
    Over the years, we have built great and strong networks with industry powerhouses from other maritime and training institutions to maritime organisations and oil & gas clients. Be it knowledge sharing sessions, internships or sponsorships, ALAM is the place to be to gather rich information and knowledge. These powerful insights gained from our industry partners have kept us relevant and allow us to pioneer various maritime breakthroughs.
  • An Invaluable Experience
    With heaps of events lined up, there is never a dull moment at ALAM. Our campus boasts of great sports facilities such as swimming pool, table tennis, football, rugby, dragon boating and canoeing. If you are digitally savvy, you can enjoy a wireless campus experience or immerse yourself in the digital realm at our resource centre.

Chart your future with us and you will be on your way to an enriching and memorable time at ALAM.

Living on Campus

At ALAM, we believe in complementing the learning experience with fitting living arrangements that are safe and conducive, appetising and balanced food selections, Wi-Fi hotspots, exciting sports and recreation activities as well as entertainment of which you can find all in one campus. Lush green spaces, connecting parks and communal areas, the view of the straits of Melaka are the perks that ALAM offers for a truly balanced campus life.

As a student who lives on campus, you’re already in the middle of an outstanding experience. Make the most of it by taking advantage of all that we have to offer.

Campus Dining

  • Our dedicated culinary services unit provides students with a variety of delicious, nutritious food options that caters to various dietary needs.

Residence Halls

  • Atlantic: 56 rooms
  • Pacific: 84 rooms
  • Mediterranean: 15 apartments
  • Artic: 13 rooms

Premier Residences

  • Atlantic II: 48 rooms
  • Villa: 14 units

Learning Facilities


With 42 classrooms on campus, indulge your learning experience with our highly qualified faculty members in a learning space where your curiosity grows and your maritime knowledge prospers. A perfect environment for learning and sharing.


Get hands-on training with our array of workshops to craft your technical, mechanical and electrical skills. On campus, we provide a steam power plant, diesel power plant, plant maintenance workshop, bench fitting & machining workshop, seamanship workshop, welding workshop, electrical and electronic lab, control lab, material testing lab and sectional models of machineries; all geared to help you in your training.


Being behind the scenes is just as important as being on the front line. That is why our laboratories are used to cater to special courses built upon customised software that is vital in the maritime industry. These include the language, multimedia and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) laboratories, all to further enhance your capabilities and skills on board a ship or back at shore.

Training Facilities

Simulation Centre

Be part of a full seafaring experience on campus with state-of-the-art simulators that replicate realistic scenarios and environments for you to fully engage yourself in. These include full mission ship-handling, full mission engine room and liquid cargo handling simulators which will provide you with hands-on professional training experience with safety measures.

    • Ship Handling Simulator
      ALAM Simulation Centre homes the latest advancement in navigation simulation technology. It houses four real-time ship simulators that can be used as tug bridges in 2 cubicles. Each simulator is a fully functioning bridge surrounded by one
      360-degree bridge and three 120-degree simulated fields of view. A fully equipped observation room is installed with CCTV and voice recording capability. The simulation centre has a briefing/ debriefing room with playback observation capability. The simulators are used for trainings, projects and consultancy for marine risk assessment, port expansion plan and emergency maneuvering investigations.
    • Engine Room Simulator
      The engine room simulator features virtual reality screens for an in-depth training practice on an array of electrical and diesel propulsion ship engines including dual fuel. ALAM prepares our students for routine and emergency engine room operations, troubleshooting, ideal operation, fuel economy and energy conservation. The engine control room is equipped with ship instrumentation and management consoles for realistic hands-on practice.
    • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator
      The Liquid Cargo Handling simulation offers training for officers and ratings with precise duties and assignments related to cargo, cargo operations and cargo equipment on tankers at the operational and management level. It comprises the duties and responsibilities, which include the associated hazards, safety measures, pollution prevention, emergency operations, cargo equipment and cargo operations. In addition, it presents cargo planning including stowage and segregation.
    • Swimming Pool
      ALAM’s on-campus swimming pool has more than enough space, volume and depth to accommodate any sort of physical or technical water-based training before we hit the open sea.
    • Fire Fighting Ground
      Safety is always priority number one and with the aid of our advanced fire-fighting ground and experienced instructors, you can expect the best fire-fighting training at ALAM.

Fitness Facilities

Create social bonds while enjoying yourself with a game of rugby or football. Keep in shape with ALAM’s recreational and sports facilities that includes an outdoor gym, playing fields for netball, volleyball, takraw, badminton and tennis courts.

In addition, ALAM has an in-house swimming pool and a Seamanship Centre, housing dragon boats, canoes, laser boats and so forth.

Maritime Library and Resource Centre (MLRC)

Established in 1977, ALAM Maritime Library and Resource Centre (MLRC) maintains a specialized maritime collection that caters to the information demands of staff and students alike of the Academy.

The main objective of MLRC is to support their staff and students in their teaching and learning by acquiring required materials and providing insightful and updated information on the maritime industry. It is equipped with designated areas for group work discussions and student–trainer discussion. MLRC collection consists of reference books and serials and audiovisual collections. Acquisition of information resources is primarily focused on the latest and renowned resources on the maritime subject.

The collection is made accessible by an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) vis PETRONAS Ubiquitous Library Search Engine (PULSE) and is classified using the Library of Congress Classification (LOC). MLRC also subscribe periodicals as additional reading materials for the users.

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