ALAM is a diverse centre for study offering many qualifications, trainings and courses in your maritime journey. Take a look and decide which one is for you, as each course is specifically designed to train and hone the specific skills that you want to develop.

Simulator Based Training

ALAM’s Maritime Simulation and Communication Centre consist of The Full Mission Ship-handling Simulator, Full Mission Engine Room Simulator, Liquid Cargo Operations Simulator and Distributed Control System Simulator. The Simulators are installed with state-of-the-art software that provides high fidelity environmental effects and hydrodynamic effects and thus providing a realistic marine environment.

Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator

  • Shiphandling & Manoeuvring (Operational Level) (MSHO)
  • Shiphandling & Manoeuvring (Management Level) (MSHM)
  • Bridge Resource & Team Management (BRTM)
  • Senior Officers Leadership Assessment Programme (SOLAP)
  • Shiphandling for Marine Pilots (MPH)
  • Shiphandling for Ship-To-Ship (STS) Operations (MSTS)
  • Shiphandling for VLCC (MVLC)
  • Bridge Resource Management (SAS BRM) (MBRM)
  • Bridge Team Management (MBTM)
  • Offshore Supply Vessel Manoeuvring (MOSV)
  • Basic Dynamic Positioning (MBDP)
  • Advanced Dynamic Positioning (MADP)
  • Bridge Resource Management (SAS BRM) – Refresher (BRMR)
  • Shiphandling & Manoeuvring (Management Level) – Refresher (MSHR)
  • Junior Officer Induction Programme  (MDIP)
  • Navigational Workshop for Junior Deck Officers (MNJO)
  • Marine Navigational Workshop (MNWS)
  • Marine Pilot Training – Basic (MPTB)
  • Marine Pilot Training – Advanced (MPTA)

Full Mission Engine Room Simulator

  • Engine Room Simulator Training (DME Cadets – SEM 5 / SEM 6) (ERST)
  • Engine Room Operational Training for Junior Engineers (Motor/Steam)    (ERSOT)
  • Engine Room Resource Management (ERM)
  • Senior Engineer Leadership Assessment Programme (SELAP)
  • Generator Operation (EGO)
  • Junior Engineer Induction Programme (MEIP)
  • Engine Resource & Team Management (ERTM)

Liquid Cargo Operation Simulator

  • Liquid Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator (LNG) (MLST)
  • Liquid Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator (OIL) (MOST)
  • Liquid Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator (CHEMICAL) (MCST)

Distributed Control System

  • Distributed Control System (Instrumentation & Maintenance) (DCSIM)
  • Distributed Control System (Operation) (DSCO)