Why work at ALAM?

Rewards and Benefits

Here at ALAM, there are a lot more rewards in store for you than just the sea breeze and fresh air. We also offer a very comprehensive employee reward and benefit package that covers you and your family’s well-being. This includes, Group Medical Insurance (Outpatient plus Group Hospitalization & Surgical), Maternity & Dental, Group Term Life Insurance, Housing Loan Subsidy Scheme and a whole lot more based on terms and conditions of employment.

We practice yearly Performance Appraisal System and reward performers with increment and performance bonus. We recognize and appreciate your efforts, commitment and talent and so that is why we reward top talent and those who consistently outperform expectations. If you are committed and show a strong interest in enhancing your career at ALAM, your endeavours will not go unnoticed and rewards will be heading your way. We also provide Education Assistance Plan (EAP) upon approval whereby we reimburse a certain portion of your study fee.

Career Prospects

At ALAM we understand that the quest for knowledge is a never-ending journey that keeps you constantly active. That is why we offer occupational mobility and provide ample opportunities for learning and growth. With drive and passion, a career with ALAM will take you as far as you want to go.

Training and Development

Throughout your career at ALAM, you will constantly experience and learn in all sorts of manners and fashions, from your casual day-to-day mentoring and coaching, on-the-job training, job enrichment, job rotation, self-discovery and learning amongst an array of others, all contributing to the growth of you.

So wherever your discipline lies, ALAM will aid you to craft and develop it, paying focus to where you want to strengthen yourself. This in turn also ensures that you never remain stagnant or get stuck in routine, but instead are consistently refining and honing areas at which you want to grow, in order to take on greater challenges and responsibilities.