ALAM is a diverse centre for study offering many qualifications, trainings and courses in your maritime journey. Take a look and decide which one is for you, as each course is specifically designed to train and hone the specific skills that you want to develop.

Advanced Post-Sea

  • Nautical Studies

    • Overview


      Are you looking to further elevate yourself on a sea venturing challenge?

      Stop wondering and start making it happen at ALAM’s programs for continuing nautical studies. 


       Unlimited Voyage

      1. Master & Chief Mate on Ship of 3000GT or more (A1MC)
      2. Master Oral Preparatory 3000GT or more (DMCO)
      3. Chief Mate Oral Preparatory 3000GT or more (D1CO)
      4. Advanced Diploma in Nautical Studies (ADNS)



      Near Coastal Voyage

      1. Master & Chief Mate on Ship of 3000GT or more (AMNC)
      2. Master & Chief Mate on Ship of 500-3000GT or more (A1NC) 




      Advanced Nautical Studies (2020) – Academic Handbook Rules

  • Marine Engineering

    • Overview

      Allow your mathematical and physical science flair drive your career further, by becoming an expert in the maritime engineering sector. At ALAM, our complete suite of onshore and offshore programmes provides the perfect springboard for Chief Engineer hopefuls. At ALAM, we believe in engineering future leaders of tomorrow.

      Unlimited Voyage

      1. Chief & Second Engineer Officer Preparatory Course (Motor & Steam – Unlimited Voyages) (ACSU (M/S))
      2. Dual Skilling Bridging Programme for Operational & Management Level (Motor & Steam) (ADS (M/S)) 
      3. Preparatory Course for Oral Examination Chief Engineer 3000kW or more Unlimited Voyages  (NCOU)
      4. Marine Engineer Officer Watchkeeping Oral Preparatory Course (Motor & Steam) (MEW (M/S))

      Near Coastal Voyage

      1.  Chief & Second Engineer Officer 3000kW or more Preparatory Course (Motor – Near Coastal Voyages) (ACSC01)
      2. Officer in charge of an Engineering Watch 750kW or More – Near Coastal Voyage (AWKE)  

      Engineering Short Courses

      1.  High Voltage Course – Operation and Management (NHVOM)
      2. Bridging Course for Electro – Technical Officers (ABETO)
      3. Preparatory Course for Electro – Technical Ratings (REET)

      Advanced Marine Engineering (2020) – Academic Handbook Rules