Why give?

ALAM educates and trains maritime leaders who are passionate about making a defining difference in the industry. Valued friends like you – corporate and government partners, alumni, parents, families, industry alliances and community members, and even experienced maritime professionals – can help influence and empower extraordinary lives.

Giving to ALAM is an investment towards advancing the fields of maritime forward. Be it funding the next big innovation, improving campus facilities or fulfilling the dreams of seagoing hopefuls, you’re impacting the world in a meaningful way.

Ways to give

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships make an ALAM education possible for deserving seafarers of tomorrow who might not otherwise be able to afford it in light of the escalating cost of living today. At ALAM, we believe that it is worthy work to invest where the best potential is regardless of personal financial circumstance. As a corporate sponsor, you will not only have the power to transform the educational experience for our cadets, but also be among the first to select the best from each graduating cohort.