• If a student has paid their tuition fees and is unable to commence study, the student can  request for a refund of the course fees on the following basis:
          • If the student/ customer does not meet the conditions of their offer letter, or is unsuccessful in obtaining a student visa, therefore eligible for a full refund of prepaid tuition fees for study they have not yet undertaken (after deducting meal, lodging and other administrative fees where applicable).
          • Where there is no show by candidate, the party that makes the booking/ registration for the specific course/ program shall be charged, if appropriate, for the no show as follows: -
            • For no show of candidates and no replacement, 100% of the course fees to be forfeited.
            • If notice of cancellation or withdrawal of candidates is given less than 7 days before commencement of course, 50% of course fees shall be forfeited.
            • Full refund of course fees if notice of cancellation or withdrawal is given 7 working days before commencement of the course.


  • For Modular Courses, if the customer withdraws after the first day of the Course (second day onwards), no refund will be made unless it is due to special circumstances as listed in 4.1 (e) i-vi.
  • For Pre-Sea and Post-Sea studies, if the student/ customer withdraws within 1 month from the date of the commencement of the course with valid reason given by student in writing, ALAM Management may consider to refund on a pro-rata basis. After 1 month, the tuition fees will be forfeited except if it falls under special circumstances as mentioned in 4.1 (e) i-vi.

Fees for meal, lodging and pocket allowance shall be refunded based on actual usage.

  • Refund will be made if the request falls under special circumstances as below:
  • Medical Reasons – To be supported with doctor’s original statement/ report
  • Ship Sign On Request – To be supported with company’s official letter  
  • Change of education field/ institution – To be supported with the official offer letter
  • Family Reasons – To be supported with doctor’s report/ death certificate
  • Other Reasons (Double Payment/ Extra Payment) – To be supported with payment advise, MMASB Official Receipt and Invoice.
  • Student dismissed by Academy due to breach of discipline.