Abhilash N Sasidharan
Cadet pursuing Diploma in Marine Engineering.
“ALAM is simply amazing! Where else will you be able to find a melting pot of global cultures, all co-existing under one roof, and very much like one happy family.”
Edmon L. Hernandez
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
“Maritime life is really unique in that everyday at sea is never the same. Each day always surprises me with something new. Thanks to the rigorous training at ALAM, I’m more confident to brave a new day.”
Karthik Natarajan
18th STD
“It’s funny how things work out; I had initial hopes of doing bio-medical engineering in India, but wound up here at ALAM and have never looked back since. Whilst the learning experience is great, it’s the friendships forged that make it totally memorable.”
Naveen Hosetiz
Cadet pursuing Diploma in Marine Engineering.
“Even though I have just only completed my first year, I know that this is the place for me. My advise to fellow cadets “Be prepared to work hard and the doors of success will keep opening for you.”
Sandeep Kumar
Cadet pursuing Diploma In Marine Engineering.
“I just love the great outdoors, whether it is by the seaside or in the woods camping. Campus life at ALAM presents exactly these opportunities. Best part about a seafaring career is that we get paid for going on adventures!”
Sunish RR. Singh
“It’s one thing to study hard, be disciplined and graduate top of your class. But at the end of the day, what really matters is that you have to enjoy what you’re doing. Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”