Dr Captain Manivannan Subramaniam
Director of Training and Education
“I’m always the type to seek out adventure rather than wait for it to find me. It’s the excitement of what tomorrow will bring and how we as individuals, from Cadets to Captains, take charge to ride the biggest swell. These are exciting times for the maritime industry and I’m glad to be part of this evolution. Living life at sea has made me realise the wonders of teamwork and the true spirit of ‘duty-honour-discipline’.

It has been a fulfilling 14 years at ALAM, having helped establish the country’s premier Simulation based Training/ R&C Center and knowing that I’m the first true blue ALAM Cadet to obtain a PhD during my time at ALAM. There is no greater satisfaction than building the next generation of maritime professionals.

Long-time explorer with a passion for photography, newbie green fingers, my motto is “face every adventure head on and be brave enough to make a difference ”
Captain David S Rajan
Head of Maritime Simulation & Communication Centre Master Mariner
“In life, it is never too ‘difficult’ because I believe that with just the right amount of initiative, assertiveness and discipline, wonders can happen! I still remember the adrenaline rush when the Board approved ALAM’s first Competency Assessment Scheme (ACAS). There is nothing more gratifying than making sure our cadets become the best that they can be.

Over the years, the open sea has taught me many things, amongst which, how to appreciate life in a different dimension and the beauty of silence…”
Capt. Sivanandan A/L Vivekanandan
Senior Lecturer
“A strong character comes from within; where discipline and hard work all come into play and shape the person you grow to be. Actions speak louder than words, and this is the mantra that I live by, so much so, that I am part of a group called “Walk the Talk”.

Being given the opportunity to participate and lead ALAM’s team in the TUMSAT summer camp, I am delighted to spread these simple yet solid teachings to my students from around the world. After all, an ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”
Capt. Hj. Malik B. Abd. Rahman
Head of Pre Sea Nautical Studies
“Growing up, I always wanted to do something noble, but I never knew what exactly that would be. I dreamed of being a police officer, chasing bad guys and doing good deeds, but luckily my mother talked me out of it. As I became older, the calling to teach grew stronger. My role is not to provide answers but steer the students to the right direction, keep them curious and constantly remind them that there is always more than one perspective to view a matter.

Always exploring the world for new delights and today, recognised as a Michelin star chef at home and a lecturer/ship’s captain at work, what more could I ask for?”