Marine Engineering

Mahmooddin Ismon
Senior Lecturer, Pre-Sea Marine Engineering, B.Eng (Mech)
“I personally try to live an active and fulfilling life outside of ALAM, indulging in activities such as reading, cooking, travelling and biking, so that when I come to work, I’m attuned to real world savvy elements that I have picked up along the way.

There is no room for ignorance, ruthlessness and apathy. There is only one way forward and remember, your focus determines your reality. And this I find is what ALAM is here to do. As a result, I enjoy my job, I’ve learnt a lot and the best thing is, I even met my wife at ALAM.”
Rajoo Balaji
Head of Advanced Marine Engineering
“Our marine dictum here at ALAM is; ‘work with what you have, be happy with what you get’ and I have been living every day with this ringing in my head. I’m in this business because I yearn for experience and believe in lifelong learning. Everyday, I’m still amazed at how therapeutic the drive is into campus from the welcoming blue skies to relaxing waters and tranquil greens. This is home…

An avid tennis fan; music sponge. I look forward to the sunrise every day and a smile on every face of those around me, knowing that I have lived another meaningful day”
Mr. Gan Boon Song
Senior Lecturer
“We all need an outlet in life and for me, that is ALAM. I have always been inspired by great leaders who despite living rich and meaningful lives, are totally committed to give back to society.
Procrastination was never my thing, so when asked by the management to become ALAM’s Quality Education System Instructor, I gladly volunteered to kick start our journey towards better education quality in ALAM.
Teaching in ALAM has allowed me to shape minds, build character and bring out the best in our officers, so that they will be future-ready and fully empowered to take on the challenges of the new millennia."