Simulation Centre

Be part of a full seafaring experience on campus with the state-of-art simulators that replicate realistic scenarios and environments for you to fully engage yourself in. These include full mission ship-handling, full mission engine room, liquid cargo operation and distributed control system simulators which will provide you with hands-on professional training experience with safety measures.


Training Ship (M.T Pernas Propane)

The M.T. Pernas Propane is a LPG vessel fully dedicated to provide you with an actual onboard experience.. It is the perfect training ground for you to familiarise yourself and adapt to a real operational ship environment.


Swimming Pool

On-campus, a swimming pool encompassing massive space, volume and depth to accommodate any sort of physical or technical water-based training before we hit the open sea.



Fire Fighting Ground

Safety has always been our main priority and with the aid of our advanced fire-fighting ground and experienced instructors, you will be more than qualified to expect the best fire-fighting training.